AY LUOH PAO ENTERPRISE founded COMBAT, a sports shoes-based brand in 1981, and founded the brand CASANOVA in 1994.

Sanrio Taiwan's (SANRIO) officially authorized the sale of HELLO KITTY women's shoes. It has been sold in Taiwan for many years and has been loved and praised by many people.


Established in 1985 with the same name, Arriba offers more choices to consumers through the use of special materials such as "Youth Development and Leadership" shoe design and "Berberry" shoes.

Mainly casual shoes (canvas, watershoes)

Spiritual Symbols (Signals):Wander In City Land lifestyle wear

Concept of Value

The content should not be limited to the product itself:

1.Improve differentiated value

Slow-living casual style, focused on casual and light merchandiseDesigned in a comfortable, comfortable to wear.

2.Innovation in brand positioning
  • Market orientation: footwear that meets the economic standard of small households.
  • Product orientation: comfortable leisure with trendy elements shoes.
  • Innovative Positioning: online shopping and lock-in are the main focus. Footwear supplemented by flat surfacescard.
3.Past, present and future

Arriba used to focus on running casual shoes that fit all the years. In recent years, value creation that emphasizes the comfort of wearing high-quality products and the uniqueness of products will continue strengthen in the future.


Founded in1981, it is a 12- year-old gold logo that sells high quality and innovative designs both at home and abroad.

Mainly functional shoes (sneakers, outdoor shoes, working shoes)

Spiritual Symbols (Signals) :KEEP FIGHTING

Concept of Value

Contents should not be confined to the product itself:

1.Improve differentiated value
  • The creation of different functions and values of commodities.
  • Provide consumers with shoes of the same price that have better qualities.
2.Innovation in brand positioning
  • Positioning the Market: in light of the market, consumer's perception of functionality and the greater value of the goods.
  • Product Positioning: We use the same price to create comparisons. His brand of better quality and machine.
  • Innovative Positioning: Targeting the city's existing outdoor, work and functional needs for correlation making shoes that suit consumers' needs.
3.Past, present and future

In the past, Combat relied on excellent shoe and design techniques to produce many popular shoes for people.
Now this tradition is being created in functional values.In the future, we hope to add more functionality to our products so that consumers can feel the comfort of brand making.


Hello Kitty women's shoes were officially licensed and sold by SANRIO in spring and summer 2010.

ハローキティの靴(台湾限定)Hello Kitty lady shoes

Mainly casual women's shoes (canvas, slippers)

Spirit of Sanrio

Maintain all Character's cooperation and establish the most reassuring and secure image.

The Sanrio Concept

Passing on a small gift and having a big smile! It's always SANRIO's original goal to invent every product.