OEM/ODM Service : AI LUOH PAO OEM Shoes Supplier

AI LUOH PAO is an OEM/ODM shoe manufacturer with 38 years of experience in the footwear industry. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise acquired over the years in Taiwan so that we can offer high-quality ODM shoes. You can get the following advantages from us: 

1.Personal Branding and Product Sales Boost

  • Rich Product Portfolio:Enhance your personal brand or expand your product offerings.
  • Quality Assurance and Customer Trust:We have cooperate with more than 100 distributors in Taiwan.
  • Famous distributors Collaboration Experience:Rich experience with famous distributors in Taiwan like Poya and Familyshoes stores.

2.OEM and ODM Capabilities

  • International Brand Collaboration and Development:Experience with renowned international brands such as Disney and Sanrio.
  • Collaboration with Sanrio Taiwan:Proud partners with Sanrio Taiwan, contributing to unique and attractive product offerings.
  • MIT (Made in Taiwan) Production:Some of our products are proudly manufactured in Taiwan, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • ESG-Certified Collaborative Suppliers:Work with us knowing that our collaborative suppliers hold certifications related to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards.